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The organizers of Gen Con broke the bad news about this year event, which had been scheduled for July 30 Aug. 2. The cancellation is further trouble for the battered local economy, as last year event drew about 70,000 people to downtown Indianapolis, with many attendees filling hotels and restaurants wearing science fiction and fantasy game character costumes..

After hours of reading dog food labels, all I can say is that the advice on packaging varies vastly from one manufacturer to another. Some food has little or no guidance whatsoever about calories. Some manufacturers have calories listed as Kcals per pound or Kcals per Kg.

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Acne, by its elusive nature can manifest in many forms. It can present as Papules, which are small pink bumps sensitive to the touch or pimples or pustules which are pus filled lesions. The picture painted above is that of despair, however good news is there are ways to cure the problem, but first you must understand what causes your acne..

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