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The 2015 Super Cup champion and Bundesliga player of the year, 24 year old Kevin de Bruyne has been making a lot of teams interested in him including Manchester City. There have been speculations that Man City are interested in buying him this transfer season. After not being able to make the first team at Chelsea under coach Jose Mourinho, he was sold to Wolfsburg where he took over the Bundesliga.

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Awarding great artists is not just good sense, it good politics, too: for a sitting politician, it never hurts to be associated with popular cultural icons. Pattamal, and actors Smita Patil, Aamir Khan and K. Chiranjeevi. 3. Marcus Thigpen: As one who covered 40 yards in an economical 4.3 seconds, Thigpen was well equipped to disrupt defences. Consider his game changing, 75 yard touchdown run against the host Ottawa Redblacks in the 2017 East Division semi final.

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