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All of us need to come to grips with our excessive, entitled consumption; The most complete blinders to this are on the Eastern seaboard, This area was fortunate to have its oil and natural gas and coal extracted west of the Mississippi, for the most part, until the natural gas discovery in an area supplying the drinking water to New York City. It has been exciting to see the extraction method know as fracking make a blip on the environmental radar. Otherwise the catastrophes of flood, or drought or tornado or hurricane are out of sight and soon out of mind until they are on your head.

Fatigue is another common internal distraction. It often happens when a person sits for a long time, reading material on a computer screen. The eyes and the rest of the body will feel tired. Obviously. We had it in the minors, but it goes quick. On July 30, MLB and the players union agreed to the switch for this season effective Aug.

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