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In addition, as we have more and more conversations about the Legacy Fund, Common Schools Trust Fund, the Land Board and the issues surrounding it, I come to the belief that there a lot of opportunities to help move the state forward and have a good stewardship of these resources. I have the background and experience that could really help us out and make sure our taxpayers are well represented there. Treasurer sits on the Land Board and various state investment boards.

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Did I have a part in trying to help bring back the competitiveness? I believe so. When they win, I’ll be happy, I’ll feel a part of it. I’m an alum now.”. Navy scores with 40 seconds to play and a chaotic faceoff ensues, Navy wins it on a fast break but Jared Park, Syracuse’s best athlete, completely lays out parallel to the ground and hits the stick of the Navy player trying to shoot, his shot is wide and Jay Pfeiffer the goalie, races to the end line to get the backup. Our ninth trophy heading back to Syracuse. Powell was one goal and five assists to wrap up a fantastic career..

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