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“All ticket holders must stay in their designated spots. If you were unable to get a ticket, as much as we would love to have you please do your part and stay at home. We would like to try this again and will only be able to do so with everyone’s help!”.

It was relentless. It would attack me at all times of the day and night. I had tried different therapists, drugs, and even alcohol for a while but it kept right on going. The INA encouraged members and non members alike to experiment with naturism during lockdown. It ran a Naked Gardening photo contest and offered free membership to women who sent in an artistic nude photo. But lockdown has also, to some extent, normalised nudity among non naturists too.

Tony Allen started, played 33 minutes and helped partially shackle Pacer star Paul George (22 points). Zach Randolph came off the bench and scored 17 points in 24 minutes. Marc Gasol missed the game with a minor injury, but 40 year old Vince Carter stepped in and scored 21, draining four of six shots from three point range.

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