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Meng extends a string of senior departures since 2017. Roslyn Zhang, who was in charge of hedge fund allocations, resigned at the end of last year. Other departures include Zhang Qing, who was executive vice president of CIC Capital, and Winston Ma Wenyan, who stepped down as head of the North America office in early 2018..

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uk canada goose It their face(s) in front of citizens. We need a strong alternative so what time for candidates who are considering running for mayor to start making their intentions known and get happened in the last election doesn happen again.I drove into work on Macleod Trail down in the deep south and I was absolutely floored to see that Stampede flags have been installed on the street lights as usual. Correct me if I wrong, but was the Calgary Stampede not cancelled this year? So why in Sam Hill would our tax dollars be paying for city employees to install them this year? Our tax bills are up drastically, the boulevards and the rest of the city properties are all infested with dandelions that have gone to seed (in some cases, waist high), but we are paying someone to install these flags? I used to believe that this city was the best city on the planet! Since Spendshi and his cronies were voted in, our city has gone to h The weeds are an eyesore but hey, we need Stampede flags up when there no Stampede right? If property values were better, I would be gone in a heartbeat!HELEN FRASER(The Stampede is a cornerstone of the community year round.)TOO MUCH TO LOSEI found the column by Licia Corbella about Jay Hill heading up a Wexit quite disturbing. uk canada goose

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