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When you get your credit report, your score will be any number within these boundaries.Based on that score, a lender or credit card company will classify your score as anywhere from Very poor to Excellent. While these ranges are lender dependent, the common ranges are:300 579 = Very poor credit570 669 = Bad or fair credit670 739 = Good credit740 799 = Very good creditOver 800 = Excellent or exceptional credit.It’s essential to note that these boundaries only serve as a guideline. It’s possible that lenders have their own in house thresholds of poor, bad, good, and excellent credit.For instance, one lender might consider anything above 740 to be excellent credit, while another might strictly use 800 as the minimum score for excellent credit.Either way, the reading of your current credit score will play a vital role in determining how long the rebuilding process will take.

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