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Many magicians practice in front of the mirror for hours until their hands turn red just to perfect a sleight. With sleight of hand a magicians is able to do certain things right in front of the audience (close up magic). Many of these sleights include; palming, ditching, stealing, loading and switching.

Lunch is my main meal. I am trying to make the transition to make a raw salad at home instead of eating a salad or a normal meal out somewhere on my way and of course, treating myself to a coffee and a cake. You guessed! Then at night I have the rest of my vegetable juice from the fridge or a shake.

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Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is probably Hughes’ tightest screenplay, comedy wise. Putting the majority of those words in the mouth of a fourth wall breaking Matthew Broderick made it an instant classic. Would Bueller have gotten away with his low key crime spree if he’d been a black teenager who couldn’t leverage his white privilege? Probably not.

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