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As a boy, he wanted to be a minister, and practiced his oratory on the family chickens. Denied a library card because of the color of his skin, he became an avid reader, and could cite obscure historical dates and details even in his later years. He was a teenager when he first heard King preaching on the radio.

Here’s what you need to know. If you are keeping score, if you have turned your marriage unconsciously into a competition, then someone has to be winning and someone has to be losing. The honest truth is that for a marriage to thrive and be healthy, if one spouse is “winning” then both partners are in fact losing..

Players benefit from their statusin a host of other ways. They endorse products, are given cars to drive, a few free suits and maybe even a few dollars to play football abroad. And in the most part, people are happy to see them get along and wish them luck.

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