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He has been popular for a good few years now, but there is no doubt that the kids still love Elmo. He is certainly not wearing out as a character and if Hasbro keep on coming up with such great ideas, he could well stay as a number one Christmas choice for many years to come. Whether he will be ‘the’ toy of 2011, who knows, but he is certainly in a good position and has been well thought out, designed and marketed..

One of the common things that Apple does that angers streaming video companies such as Netflix, video game developers, and anyone who wants an app on the Apple App Store is take a massive cut of the sales price. Traditionally, Apple takes 15% to 30% of the purchase price, including a subscription, with the remainder of the money going to the developers. There are multiple developers fighting Apple policies in court..

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The film’s Hindi version (which is named Lalkar) will release on August 18. The Soundarya Rajinikanth directed film is a sequel to Dhanush’s 2014 Velaiilla Pattadhari. VIP 2 is also special because Kajol returned to Tamil cinema after two decades and it also her first film after 2015’s Dilwale, which tanked at the box office.Velaiilla Pattadhari 2 starts right after the first film.