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Gabriel was called for offensive pass interference for a far more blatant push off, drawing a flag on the field and not requiring a replay review to negate a 50 yard catch later on the drive. The Bears faced a first and 40 predicament from their own 27 yard line after that penalty, and ended up punting. (Packers 7, Bears 3 with 11:48 remaining in the 4th quarter).

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MW: Look, I’m not going to watch any figure skating and I’m not going to watch any ice dancing, and I don’t know the difference because I don’t watch. Even when I covered the Winter Olympics (Albertville, France in ’92, Nagano, Japan in ’98 and Salt Lake City ’02) I didn’t watch the skating. I wouldn’t even go to the venue.

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“(We want to) continue to work with the governor’s office and her advisors to get them comfortable that we can host fans when it’s safe, which I’m very comfortable and confident that we can. And I do think at the end of the day if we do it well and I think we’ll see it with those games that are going to have fans it could be a great example to the whole country as to how you’re supposed to behave with this virus. People will be wearing masks, they will be 6 feet apart, there will be a lot of safety measures in the stadium, temperatures will be taken, there will be plexiglass between concessions and the fans, and I think a lot of the things that are being preached about what you can do to prevent the spread you’ll be able to see live on TV.

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wholesale jerseys from china 27. “If we think about herd immunity in a natural sense of just letting a virus run, it’s very dangerous because you would need a lot of people to be infected.”It’s still uncertain what percentage of a population would need to be immune to the virus in order to attain herd immunity. According to Johns Hopkins University, in general, the answer is 70 to 90 percent of a population, depending on how contagious the infection is wholesale jerseys from china.