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C Carolina Panthers The Panthers told Clausen that they tried to trade up to get him. They didn need to, as Clausen fell to them at No. 48 overall. Sports withdrawal is not a concept with a body of research behind it because the current cessation of games has no precedent. But both fans and experts agree it is a legitimate byproduct of the pandemic for the sports crazed population which is a large portion of American society. Nearly 60 percent of Americans identify as sports fans, according to Gallup’s most recent poll.

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“I think hopefully they get to know me and they get to see what I’m about, and they get to see the work ethic and the work I’m going to put in and the character I’m going to try to have with it,” Tebow said. “And the reason why I’m doing this, too do I really enjoy ‘SEC Nation’? Absolutely. I really enjoy the team that we have there.

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“Honestly what I like about video games is they’re competitive,” Allen said. “If it wasn’t competitive, meh, probably wouldn’t like it. It’s competitive. Seattle Coach Pete Carroll, in his fourth season since leaving the college ranks and Southern California, constructed a defense along with coordinator Dan Quinn that relies on quickness and big, legal hits. The secondary, the Seahawks’ nerve center, is known as the “Legion of Boom,” and several times Sunday, Manning completed short passes and watched as receivers were drilled. Manning seemed hesitant to attempt downfield passes, and Broncos receivers occasionally dropped passes as defenders approached.