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A month ago, Aaron Hernandez was the man at the center of memories and a life illuminated by stadium lights. His past included a home town that adored him, the images of the tall kid wearing a maroon No. 15 jersey at his high school before he played at the University of Florida and became a star with the New England Patriots.

In September 2015, a detective emailed the host, and told her police needed an itemized list of jewelry she thought she was missing, and also informed her that her friend thought she was lying. The host emailed back to the detective, according to the report, and said she believed her friend “is conspiring with Mr. McCoy to cover the matter up,” and “is regularly paid by Mr.

This page provides the most current information on the status of these operations as well as resources for those who may need quick access to common information.The building is currently locked down and closed to all but essential personnel.We are aware that you may have many questions and concerns regarding your academic progress, please be patient as we work through this situation with you. Circumstances are very fluid and continually evolving. Our first priority at this time is your well being and the health of our community.Know that College Administrators are working closely with other institutions around the country to coordinate our plans for academic continuity.

The state has seen a shift in the demographics of those seeking to use absentee ballots, Bitzer said. In 2016, a plurality of those who requested and cast such ballots were Republican, at 40 percent. Thirty one percent were Democrats, and the rest were unaffiliated with a party.

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