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As peaceful, impassioned protests show no signs of receding and polls show high levels of approval for police reform, the moment feels ripe to overhaul police departments and procedures. On Monday, congressional Democrats unveiled a major police reform bill, and several state and local bills are being considered throughout the country. Advocates and political leaders are right to focus on concrete reforms especially those that don’t require massive spending increases, such as updating standards on use of force and increasing transparency around police misconduct..

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“You did see that when he first got here,” Rivera said. “He did have that chip on his shoulder. He felt like he had something to prove. He is not a sure thing. Is he a better option than Bradford? Possibly. But his franchise player salary illustrates the cost of doing business in the NFL when it comes to attempting to put a dependable quarterback in place..

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“You could see where we were as an organization,” General Manager Les Snead said in a September 2012 interview. “The goals were to get younger and acquire players to help us out of this hole we were in and, frankly, acquire a lot of those players. We had a quarterback we feel is a franchise quarterback.”.

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“I don’t know that I won’t have recurring images and thoughts and feelings about that night,” he told the Associated Press in his first interview since the accident. “Why was he taken and I wasn’t? I ask, ‘Why?’ all the time. From the people who have reached out to me and the advice I’ve been given, you can’t ask, ‘Why?’ in life.