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This was not, ‘Stash a contract in a file and forget to pull it out.’ The only thing anyone would say is that I didn’t get a fax [from the union]. Maybe they did send it, but I never got it. All the people who know me say, ‘You didn’t make a mistake.'”.

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With his team trailing 20 10, and his second half littered with two interceptions and his immediate ascendence into the pantheon of iconic modern day athletes very much in jeopardy, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes proved he belonged right here, right now. He took the ball with just under nine minutes left, and engineered two flawless scoring drives that called to mind Joe Montana, Tom Brady or any of the other all time Super Bowl greats. The Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers, 31 20, in Super Bowl LIV in Miami on Sunday, giving the Chiefs their first title in 50 years.

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The district court in Minnesota, which has supervised the league’s collective bargaining agreement since 1993, has ruled against the NFL in a few recent cases, prompting the owners to allege in past legal filings that the judge in those cases, David S. Doty, is biased toward the players. Though Doty was not assigned to the case it landed on the docket of Patrick J.

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