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He didn’t want to spend his entire life in Palmer Park, a Prince George’s County neighborhood that Curtis says was surrounded by blight, and he certainly didn’t want to be like his father. Donald Sr. Had run track in high school, had a chance to go to college, but temptations tripped him up: drugs and, eventually, jail sentences..

That’s a shift from the approach taken by league leaders and rulemakers earlier in the season, when they felt it was the coaches’ responsibility to adjust to how the replay rulings were being made. The view has changed as the season has progressed. The evidence has mounted and the complaints have increased.

The Niners tied the game at 17 on a third quarter field goal by Gould. Earlier in the quarter, 49ers safety Marcell Harris made a spectacular defensive play by taking the football from Jackson’s hands at the end of a run. But it all came down to a kick by the ultrareliable Tucker, something the Ravens will take every time..

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Coaches Marta and Bela Karolyi are mentioned just glancingly.The real attitude of USA Gymnastics’ leaders can be summed up by their reaction to the Senate hearings held in March 2017 to address the sexual abuse. They didn’t even bother to show up. The hearings resulted in legislation, led by Sen.

Roger Goodell can restore a sense of loftiness to the NFL commissioner’s office with a simple expedited decision. He should lift the suspension on Tom Brady this week and turn his disciplinary eye on the vague, sloppily enforced league rules that caused DeflateGate in the first place. This is his best way out of this infernal case, which is as damaging to Goodell and the league office as it is to Brady and the New England Patriots..

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Of course, things can change. Washington is already looking at adding established running backs such as Jamaal Charles, who visited Sunday, or Adrian Peterson, who will meet with team officials Monday. A star can make a difference on the field but also can change the chemistry of a locker room for better or for worse..

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