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They have Rodgers and kicker Mason Crosby, who connected on a 51 yard field goal as time expired, to thank. The winning kick by Crosby was set up by Rodgers’s 36 yard, third and 20 completion to tight end Jared Cook, who just managed to keep his feet in bounds along the sideline, with three seconds to play. An instant replay review confirmed the catch..

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Cheap Jerseys china Holmgren is one of the league’s greatest coaches, but is there anybody better than Parcells? Not unless it’s Mike Shanahan in Denver.So it just might be in the new owner’s best interest to entice Parcells by making him the first $5 million coach. Or, maybe just to make sure there’s no hesitation, how about $6 million to coach one more year, take one last Super Bowl shot, and make the transition in 2001 where maybe one of the current assistants Weis or Groh becomes the new Belichick?One thing’s for certain, and almost laughable if it didn’t impact so many families the man with the most leverage at this junction is Parcells.That is something that surely does not amuse Belichick, who took enough shots at Parcells in his press conference Monday to tell you he has never appreciated Parcells’ fragile career personality that affected everyone who worked with the coach.Belichick pointed out that he has been part of the Parcells roller coaster since 1987. It was after the 1986 season, in which Parcells won his first Super Bowl with the Giants, that he tried to leave New York to take a GMcoach role with the Atlanta Falcons. Cheap Jerseys china

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