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No playing catch or hugging, however hula hooping permitted.More than three out of four children and youth worldwide 1.37 billion students were affected by COVID 19 school closures as countries, fearful children would be infected and propagate the virus, emptied classrooms in March.More than a dozen countries have since fully or partially re opened schools. As Canada’s provinces scramble to bring students back to something resembling “near normal” learning, there are lessons to be learned from what went well and not so well.Ontario’s education minister promises next week to unveil a new plan to reopen schools. “The premier and the government continue to be focused on a safe, conventional, day to day return to school,” education minister Stephen Lecee said Thursday.

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After lunch, I relax the rule of staying on camera to accommodate my daughter’s restlessness. At one point, during a math exercise, she gets so bored that she tries to leave her room. Only a short break in the session prevents me from barricading it from the inside.

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