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“We knew a place by the Kennebunk water treatment plant, so we went there,” Woodard said. “Sure enough, we got there and a bald eagle flew right in front of us. I ran to the car and grabbed my phone. Wooten, who now practices family law in Memphis, says paying it forward is not the only reason he keeps close ties with his former school. “Everything I am starts here with this school and this community,” he explains. “It was and is such a nurturing environment.

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Let’s take these two together. The Jets have talked to Ryan’s representatives. That does not mean they are on the brink of signing him, though. As an ending to a series of films that even out talked Richard Linklater’s “Before Sunrise”/”Before Sunset”/”Before Midnight” trilogy, this final sequence brings things home on a beautifully bittersweet note. Of course, words like beautiful and bittersweet aren’t really what we go to the “Trip” movies to see. Fun and games are..

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