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McCown was 21 percent better than the league average last season. Chicago has had five total 1,000 yard receivers since 2000 (Marty Booker in ’01 and ’02; Marshall in ’12 and ’13; Jeffrey in 2013). Forte is coming off of the best season in his career and will likely shoulder more of the offensive load this season (although I’m not sure how that’s possible given that he played 877 offensive snaps last season, tops among running backs).

“Hopefully, I be up there in the top 10 next season. That the goal.” Irwin Hill stats last year included 46 punts at an average of 44.3 yards. Among his punts was a 79 yard bomb against South Carolina in October the seventh longest in Razorbacks history while Irwin Hill also attracted plenty of attention for his ability to kick on both feet.

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The pay per view audience for today’s Rugby World Cup final between New Zealand and South Africa in Johannesburg will grow by several NFL executives and scouts. The object of their interest is Jonah Lomu, a 6 foot 5, 260 pound New Zealander who runs 100 meters just a step or two slower than world class sprinters. After New Zealand thrashed England in the semifinals, a London Daily Telegraph columnist described Lomu as “the most exciting player to hit rugby since the game was invented.”.

Convalescent plasma has been used for about 100 years as treatment for other diseases. It has never been a drug or a as Trump has described it. Though researchers have seen some evidence that it may help seriously ill COVID 19 patients, medical experts strongly doubt that it will be a drug now..

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