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Thomas is happy where he is. Last summer, along with his agent Jimenez he became one of the four principle share holders of local Spanish regional third division side Alcobendas Sport. They are committed to building the club and even perhaps bringing in the next Thomas from Africa who can have the same positive career path he has enjoyed to date..

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cheap jerseys Comedian Louie Anderson is 66. Actress Donna Pescow is 65. Actor Robert Carradine is 65. In Pennsylvania however, wait times for beds at Torrance and Norristown state hospitals the two facilities that handle those patients are far longer.According to statistics from the Department of Human Services, patients waited an average of 76 days for beds at Torrance in December.Meanwhile, cheap jerseys patients waited an average of 238 days for beds at Norristown over the past six months, according to data from the ACLU.In its settlement with the ACLU last January, the Department of Human Services agreed to create 120 new “treatment slots” for those on the waiting list who needed less intensive treatment. The state also began rotating existing patients into those alternative beds to free up room.Dennis Marion, deputy secretary of the department office of mental health and substance abuse, says that initiative worked to an extent: more patients are now moving through the system than a year ago.But Marion concedes that wait times are largely unchanged and said the department doesn know why.”I don have a singular answer at this point,” he said. “We are analyzing it, we have received updated data on the waitlist.”Marion speculated that it could be due to rising numbers of defendants and inmates who require psychiatric hospitalizations cheap jerseys.