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Romance scams: This con game is designed to actively cultivate and exploit a romantic relationship often using internet dating sites. Quickly, the con artist offers a proposal for marriage or shared living, sharing access to finances, or outright requests for money or loans. Eventually the relationship deteriorates when the exploited party discovers the truth after suffering financial and emotional losses.

There is the inevitable aside from some minor character, “Sho’ would be nice if folks could walk down the street without wearing a gun.” In those times, the less civilized would hie themselves off to the next frontier, further west. We don’t have that escape valve anymore, but we also have come to a place in our history where we expect the USA, from coast to coast, to be a place where a person doesn’t need to wear a gun to walk down Main Street. That this is no longer true (if it ever was) is a problem not because we’ve gone backwards, but because the lawlessness pops up at random times and places..

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