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Over the past 10 years, Rep. Greenlick always made sure the schools were following the letter and spirit of the law. He sponsored HB 2561 in 2015 requiring schools to report on their progress and share best methods for complying with the law. If someone is diagnosed with the virus, that information would be sent out anonymously, alerting anyone they recently came into contact and providing them with relevant health guidelines and instructions on how to self quarantine to prevent further spread.Where cryptographers and security experts diverge is on where those anonymous bits of information, linked to individual cellphones, should be stored.”When the debate got started in Europe about five or six weeks ago, everybody insisted that it be privacy preserving,” he told Yahoo News during a phone interview.The key difference between approaches, he explained, is that a central database of even anonymous information about cellphone users’ Bluetooth signals would have complete information about that phone’s network and contacts. While having that information might be useful for graphing social networks, perhaps even predicting the next hot spot, it may be less privacy friendly, he said.The group sent an open letter on April 19 urging countries to adopt a Bluetooth enabled model without a central database to prevent “mission creep,” or what they describe as “a form of government or private sector surveillance that would catastrophically hamper trust in and acceptance of such an application” because it could be used to reconstruct movements of groups of individuals over time.The Pan European Privacy Preserving Proximity Tracing team, which is working on a framework for individual governments and companies to adopt, is developing technology that would allow both a central database and a decentralized model, depending on which system is preferable for a given country. The group’s system is also focused on being compliant with European privacy laws, particularly the general data protection regulation, or GDPR.Finally, researchers on the Pan European team aim to ensure that the different systems it offers will be able to communicate with each other, so that travelers between European countries will be able to take advantage of the tracking app when they cross borders.Hans Christian Boos, a member of the PEPP PT project, told TechCrunch that the group wants to offer both options because of some potential disadvantages of the decentralized model.

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