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cheap nba Jerseys china I agree Josh, my bro. Was an addict and in recovery for a few years now. At first I didn’t understand it either, but after some research I do believe it is a disease. Menu:About Ventura Do Business in Ventura Industries Resources Ventura A Great Place to LiveThe DirectoryEvent CalendarWho We Are Staff 2020 Board of Directors Chairman’s Circle Committees Ambassadors Biz Connections Economic Development Legislative Committee Green Task Force Political Action Committee Ventura Commerce Education Foundation Leadership Ventura Principal for a Day Young Professionals Group (YPG)What We Do Membership Benefits of Membership Join Business Development Governmental Representatives Resources 2020 Employment Posters on sale now! Economic Development Legislative Committee Events Connection Breakfast Join the Breakfast Club! TASTE The MIX! Poinsettia Awards State of the City State of Education Semi Annual Business Expo Economic Outlook Breakfast Seminars Workshops Annual Meeting Board Installation Networking Connection Breakfast Biz Connections The MIX! Business Advocacy Political Action Committee Economic Development Legislative Committee Community Development Ventura Commerce Education Foundation Leadership Ventura Principal for a Day Poinsettia Awards Ventura Business TodayThe National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory this Thursday through Saturday in Ventura County and surrounding areas, with triple digit temps predicted. As you heed the advisory, please don forget your pets.The temperatures inside a parked car, the bed of a pickup truck and even the sidewalk can be significantly higher than the ambient temperature and can seriously injure or even be fatal to pets.Here are some things to remember, from the Humane Society of Ventura County: Walk your dogs in the early morning and evening hours and, before taking them out, check the temperature of asphalt or sidewalks. Your hand on the surface for seven seconds, said Senior Humane Officer T cheap nba Jerseys china.