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About Us,Contact Us,Yesterday the Miami Dolphins played arguably the most important game at Hard Rock Stadium since, well, when was El Cl Fans were treated to a textbook showdown between two winless teams that were maybe, probably, arguably trying to out suck each other in what can only be referred to as the 2019 Tank Bowl. Two teams entered a 0 4 Miami Dolphins versus a 0 5 Washington Redskins but only one would leave un victorious.As you might have expected, this NFL sanctioned football game was amateur hour from the beginning. Both teams’ offenses were like a high school boy: way too excited to not score.

Well organised trip: Contrary to the general chaos one encounters while travelling, car hire in Melbourne airport offers a fully managed trip. Right from sight seeing to pick and drop at your accommodation, everything goes in a systematic manner so you don’t have to worry about managing the to/fro trips. Your car rental agent takes care of this so that you can enjoy your trip at the fullest!.

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On Thursday, part of the second floor in a ground plus four storey structure named Jayprakash building, near Siddhivinayak Temple in Dadar (West), collapsed on Thursday afternoon. The incident was reported at 12.30 pm, no injuries were reported. Part of a retaining wall collapsed due to a landslide around 11.30pm on Wednesday from near Tower of Silence on NS Patkar Marg, near Kemp corner.

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