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The build quality of the device is quite good and it feels premium in the hand. The processor is capable and is efficient as well which when coupled with the big 5,000mAh battery delivers excellent battery life. It also has support for 18W fast charging but only gets a 10W charger in the box.

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I believe I have being way to serious with my articles. That is why I decided to put some humor into my writing, and let you in on a few foolish anecdotes of mine. One of the most difficult things for me has being getting use to the weather here in WA State.

To find out more about how Newport Beach residents can help their child achieve and maintain optimal lifelong oral health, stay tuned for the second installment of this four part article series. John A. Aguilera is a licensed surgeon of dental implant in Newport Beach who has a passion for cosmetic dentistry and for the treatment of missing teeth.

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In summary, brain atrophy is an issue which will occur after DBS surgery and it has potential implications in DBS management and outcomes. However, the exact mechanism of such atrophy is not well understood making it difficult to know if the phenomenon is expected or even preventable after DBS surgery. The introduction of novel DBS devices capable of current shaping and steering may provide an opportunity for enhanced management of DBS side effects which may emerge from expected progressive brain atrophy(5)..

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