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Most rehab clinics also provide aftercare services and programs, which help ensure accountability for a recovering alcoholic. These programs help usher you back into your normal life while avoiding alcohol at all costs, therefore helping you avoid the claws of relapse. Aftercare is absolutely necessary for successful rehabilitation.

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“Speaking with a professional who understands the issue and can determine the best orthotic for your feet can make all the difference,” says Schauster. “Having a professional evaluate what shoes these orthotic inserts are being placed in is important. For instance, if you have a stability shoe already and you put an orthotic in it, it can cause more problems.”.

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A parent with dementia might have trouble finding things or quickly lose track of what he’s doing. Keep things uncluttered, with the essentials easy to find. Label drawers and cabinets, so your loved one knows at a glance what’s inside.. 5. Don’t be salty. Too much salt can cause a spike in blood pressure, cause kidney stones and other health problems.

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