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He cared about you. He cared about what you did on the field and how you carried yourself off the field. I owe everything to him him and Coach Gibbs. The Jets gave themselves a decent but mostly unexciting alternative by trading for Fitzpatrick, who had a passer rating of 95.3 last season for the Houston Texans but has a career mark of 79.5. The Jets bolstered their roster in other areas, trading for wide receiver Brandon Marshall and signing cornerbacks Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie in free agency. But can they find a way to get quarterback play good enough to make that matter?.

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wholesale nfl jerseys from china Ben Roethlisberger’s behavior off the field has been discussed endlessly in recent weeks and I won’t rehash the list of alleged transgressions, both minor and major.But what concerns me most isn’t whether Ben is out of football for four or six games. What concerns me is the NFL’s slowly expanding oversight of player behavior (and the clear erosion of influence by the National Football League Players Association). What began as a new commissioner clamping down on several clearly bad actors has evolved into penalizing players who are not being charged by local prosecutors for their offenses.Ben is not the first player to be suspended despite no criminal charges against him (the first was Pac Man Jones), but I sense he won’t be the last.Where will Goodell draw the line when it comes to player behavior and this ‘higher standard’ that players are expected to live up to?Will Goodell add to Cleveland Brown Shaun Rogers’ woes by suspending him for trying to carry a loaded gun onto a plane wholesale nfl jerseys from china.