Escolha uma Página I know dere is nthng wrong in dis M proud of dis bt at d same time females r also working in dis industry they hv there individual personality. Their share of struggle. Why it always about man, she said. 11. On Oct. 15, he received two letters from the township, the first allegedly stating the investigation had concluded and determined “that no harassment or retaliation took place,” and the second that his Fitness for Duty evaluator recommended he return to work.The township instructed Melsky to remain on administrative leave until its investigator could review the allegations brought against him, to which Melsky objected around late November and early December due to the fact that Leo is “not a member of an Internal Affairs Unit and has not received the proper training as required by the Division of Criminal Justice,” the lawsuit says.Melsky notified Clinton Township of his intention to sue on Jan.

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