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He points out that the idea of journey on foot has lost its original purpose all the Stone Age nomads walked and ran everywhere. Today, if we make a long walk, we immediately call it an immense journey, or brag about doing part of the John Muir Trail or the epic Canadian Great Divide Trail, or even locally our magnificent local Condor Trail of 400 miles. Ekelund emphasizes regular daily walks and hikes, and he eventually got to a place where he moved 12 to 18 miles daily (it unclear how he managed his workload)..

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The HomePod is the first major product where Siri is the primary interface, so I expected HomePod Siri to be the best Siri. But no: Apple dropped capabilities Siri has on other devices. HomePod Siri can’t send emails, place calls or hail an Uber, even though Siri can on the iPhone.

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